Hatch Show Print

Letterpress Print and Design Since 1879

What We Do

Hatch Show Print, a working letterpress print shop since 1879, uses its vast collection of vintage type and hand-carved imagery to create timeless designs that express and commemorate America's evolving cultural identity.

Watch Us Work

Get inside the print shop and experience the daily activity at Hatch Show Print. These videos include features focused on the shop’s process and various programs taking place here. Find more videos here.

Hide Your Smile Mural
Kacey Musgraves “All of the Colors” Exhibit Poster
Hatch Show Print: Cory Wasnewsky Interview
The Show Must Go On: Hide Your Smile With Heather Moulder
Custom Prints & Design

There’s a reason why music lovers, Americana buffs, graphic designers, poster collectors, and a wide range of businesses continue to turn to Hatch Show Print. The work the shop turns out is, indeed, a tonic for the digital age.

man carving a design
Full-view photo of Hatch Show Print's workspace and printing press.

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