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Hatch Show Print: Cory Wasnewsky

December 16, 2019

The posters don’t make themselves at Hatch Show Print. There are eight full-time designer-printers who work in the shop to transform stories into posters. We meet potential staff when they participate in our Internship Program. What an apprenticeship might have been in decades gone by, starts as a six or eight week internship in this century, and for a few of the wonderful interns that have passed through our doors, kismet strikes and they wind up working in the shop in a more permanent way.

In the first of what we look forward to as a series, we’d like to introduce you to one of the designer-printers on staff, Cory Wasnewsky. Cory, who started working at Hatch Show Print in 2014, was referred to our Internship Program by one of his professors in college. In addition to having designed hundreds of posters over the last five years, Cory also enjoys the mechanical aspects of working at Hatch Show Print, maintaining and repairing the presses and other equipment used in the shop, as needed. With no further ado, meet Cory!

If you wish to see more of the work he does when he’s not in the print shop, visit

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