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Packing Jim’s Desk

September 12, 2013

More than 20 years of the art and business of managing Hatch Show Print is contained within two desks in the shop. Jim Sherraden started with a standard low desk, and eventually moved to a standing desk (placed right next to the other desk )when it got too busy to sit down during the day. Being located at the heart of the shop meant that it needed to be packed early in the move process, as daunting as the idea was! We also took the time to pack up the ephemera and equipment that was stored in the large block-carving table that Mr. Hatch used (it is behind both of Jim’s desks), in preparation for using it in our new home.

In addition to the paperwork that accumulates over the course of time in any business, Jim and his intrepid assistant, Volunteer Extraordinaire Audrey, also found an amazing array of artifacts in the shelves and drawers: holiday cards and print specimens designed and printed by Jim’s letterpress printing mentor Kenneth Hinson; business cards of friends and colleagues in the design and/or entertainment communities that are their own story; the buzzers that sat upon Will T. Hatch’s desk he used to communicate with each department in the print shop on 4th Avenue; a small collection of Roy Rogers yo-os; and much more that we will share with you soon.

For now, here’s a time-lapse video that documents the packing of Jim’s desks. What you see in five or six minutes took Jim and Audrey (she’s the one with the bandana in her hair), plus the added help of our weekly volunteer, Valerie, a few weeks’ work. Other players in our movie are the staff at Hatch, and, of course, Huey and Maow, the cats who, we learned, will sleep on any and every flat surface. Enjoy!

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